Monday, May 21, 2012

  Another May, another Cannes film festival. And please, let us admire our (well, mine, really) favorite red carpet attenders: mesdemoiselles Inès de la Fressange and Diane Kruger. 
  I think I might just have discovered a pattern! Remember those Greek peplos I troubled myself to express how much I adore the other day? Well, both ladies seem to have worn one one day and an equally magnificent but less understated one the other. Either way, I think they look marvelous!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Met Gala

   Here the are! There were lots of fun outfits, but I only included those I like the most. I really admire a person that go all out there in a Costume Gala and still look less costum-ey and more gala. That may be the common point among all the ladies I chose, for example: If you look close enough, Caroline's dress is made of denim! Diane and Marion were simply regal and I adored how Lily didn't care about looking too conservative or amish...

Monday, May 7, 2012

  So, I am still in high school a.k.a. Nowhere Near Getting My Own Place To Live but hey! magazines like Vogue are supposed to be "aspirational", right? And I know, I know, it is not the most original thing to post pictures from in my blog but you know that strange sensation you get when someone that you don't know describes your tastes better that you could have done it yourself? No? Well, Bettina Prentice just did that for me with her Mantra: "live with art that either has a great sense of humor or great sense of style”. And I adooored the two apartments below (one belonging to Bettina Prentice and the other to Erin Fetherston) precisely because to me, both seem to convey that sense of what I shall call "classic quirkiness". Everything about Bettina's living room fascinates me: the cushions, the fabrics, the color scheme, the assorted paintings, the orchids, the gun lamp... It is elegant but still... familiar? livable? Like a kooky old relative! 
Bisous ;)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I always say that if I ever attend a gala (cross my fingers I will attend many!) I would like to look like a Grecian goddess: delicate, softly pleated dress that is regal but not swanky. I must say Princess Katherine Middleton provides much inspiration!

 photos: Zimbio

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I have a veeery defined taste on clothes, sometimes to an extreme. I take too seriously my own philosophy about how I prefer my clothes to look timeless, simple, comfortable, elegant yet fresh, maybe a little contrast here or unmatching earrings there to keep it from being too perfect (=old), and how I like my clothes to let my personality take the spotlight. I do not accept for myself  an exposed underwear, an overly patterned piece, something too fashionable that may go out of style quickly, blah, blah, blah...
I would chose the outfit of the second girl everytime because it seems more like my myself (and don't get me wrong, I love it). But it was the first girl who made me think: She is wearing this puffy, orange sweater with a giant zebra (which probably you have noticed). This part-Sonia-Rykiel-part-Janis-Joplin vision made my day. You don't know how grateful I am that not everyone shares my vision on clothing, that they are a few people out there willing to entertain us, to make a statement. 
She gets a trophy because her personality shines through the sweater. She wears the sweater and not the other way around.

Don't you just looove Bobbi Brown? Sure I do! Who wouldn't love a woman that after the fuzzy 80s would dare to tell women that make up is supposed to enhance your face, not cover it? Who wouldn' get tired of that much production for a single night out? I know I would! And as Bobbi herself describes so well on her website: "Beauty isn't about looking perfect. It's about celebrating your individuality"
Seems like many women agreed, and Bobbi's brand is turning 20 years old with this amazing video, shot by Bruce Webber who surely agreed with Brown's fresh vision. Enjoy!